Stage 6: Jbel O Ramal “The Sand Mountain”

Road connection: 39.99 km – S.S.: 50.92km
Road connection: 58.41km – Total: 149.32km

After an amazing marathon stage, the Rally of Merzouga proposed a lined start this morning. Facing the Erg of Rissani, it was required to cross some small dunes prior entering a sandy oued and the fast tracks on the lake of Merzouga. The final bouquet, before crossing the checkered flag, was a 20km ride in the immense dunes of the Chebbi Erg.
This last stage was a new lesson for the crew N°205. Garry Connel and Annie Seel, took another master class in the desert at the end of this competition and completed it successfully, climbing to the highest stand of the SSV class of the race.

“When we took the start, explains Garry, we started “attacking” the soft sand small dunes… Everything was going well until I took a hole a bit fast and got trapped in the sand… We lost about 25 minutes, continues the Australian driver, happy to have made it in spite of the problems.
When we arrived to CP1, in front of the dunes of Merzouga, we deflated our tires. But… one of us pushed a button with the helmet and launched the fire extinguisher and we took a shower of dust!
In the big dunes, I continued to learn, but it was quite difficult because the sand was all soft.
Anyways, the Rally of Merzouga was a great training for the Dakar, even more because last week I was in the Rally of Morocco. Two continued races make like a small Dakar and I don´t feel that tired.
Next goal: The Dakar, next January!”

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