Peña still leading the World Cup with a 5-point lead.

The race management, after verification, the number 36 ssv yamaha was penalized because suipte to its rupture of motore it was pulled until the arrival by a vehicle which was not in race fia.

The ranking is Peña 2 Graham 3 Gonzalez 4.

Next appointment on July 20th in Spain.

25th Italian Baja 3 Continents, 23 Nations

Everything is ready for the sixth round of the FIA World Cup –
WORLD CUP CHALLENGE. This year the race is represented by 23 Nations, 52 challengers coming from Europe, Asia and South America.

Our crew

N 32 – Jose Luis Peña Campo / Rafael Tornabel

N 34 – Vincent Gonzalez / Sebastien Delaunay

N 35 – Knight Graham / Watson David.

The crew of Patrice Garrouste and Loic Minaudier won the last stage of the race.